online sports betting guide for USA 2014

A guide to online sports betting for USA citizens in 2014.


guide to real money online sports betting for USA citizens in 2014 -choosing a U.S. sportsbook

online sports betting guide usa 2014Updated In January, 2019 - Online sports betting was one of the first forms of gambling available on the Internet. 15-20 years ago a handful of online sportsbooks and casinos launched online and out of those first few there are only two that continue to offer their services. Bovada - then known as Bodog - and Betonline are both 15 years old and during that time they have build a client base of millions of happy American sports bettors. Our Bovada Sportsbook review in 2014 explains why they have been the top Internet sports betting site for 15 years running. This online sports betting guide for USA bettor in 2014 will help novices to Internet betting get set up to start placing real money wagers on virtually every sport and even things like elections. The most important part of any sports betting guide for Americans in 2014 is the list of the top sportsbooks for USA citizens. We only have four USA friendly sports books in 2014. There are many more Internet sports betting sites for Americans but we only list the most trusted. Choosing an U.S. online sportsbook is the most important thing a new bettor will do. It is even more important than the bets you make to some degree. Many US bookmakers have predatory policies, bad reputations and slow payouts. The main criteria for a US sports book to be listed here is that they have quick withdrawal speeds. The four bookies listed below all pay out in 10 days or less. Check by courier cashouts average around 3-7 days. Money transfer payouts (Moneygram & Western Union) are typically completed in 1-3 days, making it the preferred payment method for Americans at Internet sports betting sites in 2014. My number one tip to new sports bettors is to open an account at two or more of the books listed below. Bovada and Betonline is a good choice. The reason for this is that you can gain an extra point or a 25-50%+ larger payout on a certain wager when you review the lines and two or more bookies and choose the one with the best odds. Bovada tends to give the underdog team .5-1 point more than Vegas indicates. Most books use the Vega spread so you will be more likely to win by betting at Bovada. What if you are betting on the favorite? Betonline tends to have better lines and odds when you bet on the favorite so by holding an account at both you can shop for lines and choose the best. For more specific tips read this artcile on USA sportsbook bonuses in 2014.

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betting online vs betting offline - Free sports bets, bonuses and promos at USA sportsbooks online in 2014

Why bet online in 2014? There are many, many reasons. Prospective bettors are always wondering whether it is possible to beat the odds when betting on sports events and they are on an endless quest for finding the winning system. Bookies decide the odds for all the games and markets, aided by powerful software which explains why the proverbial house edge applies to this form of gambling as well. While there is no foolproof strategy and no miraculous solution for beating the house, there are a couple of ways to maximize your odds. This online sports betting guide focuses on 3 powerful recommendations that if followed throughout one's betting career are bound to keep one afloat and even profitable. The first step is to find a reliable bookmaker, which offers decent odds and has a generous selection of sports events, so punters are not limited to a handful.

Bet Online and SportsBetting are two shining examples of online bookmakers that serve US customers, while upholding the highest standards. By choosing such a partner when your baby steps in this line of work, you ensure the fact that on the long run you won't be crippled by low odds or slowed to a crawl by sluggish and unreliable withdrawals. The second thing in the 2014 USA online sports betting guide has to do with extracting maximum value from the odds, which is not as easy as it seems. There is no such thing as a safe match except for those that are fixed but then again these are quite rare and bookmakers usually know about them before punters. In order to distinguish between odds that hold value and those that are not even worth considering, one needs to determine whether the return on investment surpasses the risks taken.

American Guide to online sports betting

By following this logic, players will have no hesitations in backing an underdog that would increase the investment threefold, it he only has a chance to win of 40%. On the other hand, there is no point in betting on the favorites to prevail if the stake will only increase by 30% whereas his chances to prevail are of 60%. In order to make an educated decision regarding odds and their value, one needs to have enough experience and know a great deal about the teams involved, something that only comes in time. The third recommendation has to do with bankroll management, which is the cornerstone of any successful career in online gambling. Regardless of your game of choice, unless you have enough money in your bank account and a coherent strategy, sooner or later you will go broke.

Downswings do happen even to the best sports bettors and in the highly volatile world of sports betting, you need to have enough resources left to weather the storm. In a nutshell, players should never wager more than 10% of their bankroll on a single event, regardless of how high the odds are to prevail. Risk-averse punters should decrease that value to 5% and also steer clear from accumulators that feature more than three selections on the betting slip.