USA sports betting tips

Tips and strategies for Americans who want to place bets at USA online sportsbooks in 2014.


USA online sports betting tips & strategies - tips for Americans who want to bet on sports at USA sports betting sites in 2014

usa sports betting tips 2014Updated In January, 2019 - It is estimated that somewhere around 25 Americans bet on sports online for real money in 2014. Though there may be a few dozen online sportsbooks for USA citizens in 2014, around 90% of U.S. sports bettors prefer to place their wagers at one of the four bookmakers listed below. Why? There are a number of reasons. Faster payouts, betting lines, superior betting platform, mobile betting, live inplay betting, great support, more betting options, better sports book bonuses and promotions and many others. The fact that these four books are the most trusted, reliable and most financially secure certainly helps. This USA sports betting guide in 2014 will cover several topics but the most important thing you will do is choose a USA sports book in 2014. Finding the right sports betting site for Americans is more important than anything else. You want a bookmaker that you can trust, one that has a flawless reputation. My number one USA sports betting tip in 2014 is to hold accounts at a minimum of 2 of the U.S. sportsbooks listed below. Why? If you are buying a new car - a specific year and model - do you simply go to a dealer and buy the first one you see? No. You will shop around and compare prices. The same should be done for sports betting lines. Some online sportsbooks beat the Vegas lines every week. A Bovada Sportsbook and Betonline Sportsbook combo is perfect for American sports bettors because one book will always offer better lines, odds and payouts on bets on the favorite while the other does so on underdog wagers. This U.S. online sports betting strategy will result in you gaining an extra point or perhaps a 25-50% larger moneyline payout. Another betting tip is to always take advantage of free sports bets and bonuses. This list of free sports betting sites for Americans in 2014 explains more about free bet offers.

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tips for americans who want to place real money wagers at USA friendly sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting tips in 2014

Sports betting didn't change much over the last decade, even though bookmakers grew a lot over the span, especially online. It is now possible for players to wager on more markets than ever before and due to intense competition, they also enjoy better odds than they used to do. For quite a while, American players were deprived from enjoying the same services, but with companies such as Bet Online and SportsBetting catering to their interests, things are clearly on the mend. Both bookmakers also offer online poker and casino games, while guaranteeing fast and safe deposits and withdrawals for US-based players. Once they settle for an online bookie, players enjoy unlimited freedom in pursuing their interests, but there are a few USA online sports betting tips and strategies that are worth considering.

The first and most important advice is to focus on those sports events that you are familiar with, instead of venturing into uncharted waters. If you are a big fan of NHL and NBA, there is no reason to take a leap of faith with football or baseball, at least not before you learn a couple of things about these leagues. While there are many similarities between the spreads offered by USA friendly bookmakers, in the absence of solid knowledge, players are simply gambling, which is not the purpose of betting. Once you identify a league that you know a great deal of and feel comfortable betting on those events, it is time to narrow down the search and find the most profitable wagers. At a first glance it might look like those bets that have higher odds are the ones that will generate the best return on investment.

Online Sportsbook Tips for Americans in 2014

The truth is that savvy bettors steer clear from such markets, because variance is a huge factor and markets can stay erratic far longer than players can stay solvent. The roads less traveled are less traveled for a reason, so one of the USA online sports betting tips that will make your life better is to stick to what you know. There is nothing wrong in betting on outright victories or popular markets, such as game totals, where bookmakers have very little room to tinker with the odds. The fact that other bookies are also offering the same spreads, makes it difficult for them to maximize the house edge, because bettors always have plenty of options. This brings us to another valuable betting tip that is also about finding those events and markets where you can maximize the return on investment.

There is no point in backing the favorite all the time, as it is also wrong to bet on the underdogs to prevail simply because the odds are tempting. At the end of the day, it is all about finding the value in odds because of the long run only those who take advantage of these markets will stay profitable. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, because bettors need to bet for a while to become experienced enough to distinguish between odds that hold value and worthless ones.