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US online sportsbooks vs local bookies in 2014.


why bet on sports online? online U.S. sportsbooks advantages over local bookies and offline betting in 2014

why bet on sports online in 2014Updated In January, 2019 - Why bet on sports online? There are some major advantages to placing wagers at a USA online sportsbook instead of a local bookie or bookmaker agent in person. In fact, the age of offline bookmakers and local bookies ended years ago when Internet sports betting sites open to Americans became popular. Offline sports betting is much more common between family members, co-workers and friends than professional bookies. Very few Americans ever had access to a real bookie but in 2014 there are dozens of huge U.S. sportsbooks online. Betting $20 on the Lakers game with your Uncle Larry or putting up $5 to join an office football pool is something most Americans have done. More hard core sports bettors in the USA may use personal bookies or even professional bookie agents. These bookies have been fading away in the last decade due to the rise of the Internet in much the same way that book (the kind made out of trees) sales have plummeted due to the emergence of tablets and e-readers. Bookie agents were never very common to begin with and they had a somewhat shady reputation anyway so the vast majority of Americans simply could not seriously bet on sports except with friends and family members. The Internet and U.S. sportsbooks have changed that. Nowadays any American over the age of 18 can place a real money wager on ANY sporting event, who will win an Emmy or who will get voted off of "Hell's Kitchen" next week. Sportsbooks cover much more than traditional sports like football, basketball and baseball. Big US bookmakers like Bovada have a huge selection of sports not common in the USA, obscure sports like darts and even things like political betting. They also give Americans access to types of sports wagers that friends, family and even professional bookie agents could never and have never been able to offer. I doubt if Uncle Larry or Vinny "Fast Money" Russo (a make-believe bookie agent) could run a $100,000 parlay pool each week during the NFL season or accept a bet on a AFL (Australian Football League) game or allow you to place bets on a football game in real time, like betting on if the Bears will get a 1st-down on their next play. Yes, online sports books enable Americans to place wagers on things that they never even dreamed about before. Here is a list of the biggest online sports books for US citizens in 2014. For more U.S. books check out this list of free sports betting sites for Americans in 2014.

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betting online vs betting offline - Free sports bets, bonuses and promos at USA sportsbooks online in 2014

Another advantage USA online sportsbooks in 2014 have over offline betting is that offline bettors use the Vegas spreads and lines. Online sportsbooks compete with each other to offer the best lines so between two of them you will always be able to receive better odds than what the sharks in Vegas put out. Bovada and Betonline compliment each other perfectly because one is always great for betting on the underdog while the other is better for wagering on the favorite. This is why many savvy bettors have accounts at two US bookmakers. They can always get an extra .5 to 2 points on the spread regardless of how they bet if they shop for line at two or more books. Plus moneyline bets pay out 10-25% more at our featured US sportsbooks than they do elsewhere, online or offline. These are big advantages but they are only part of the reason why Americans are better off betting on the Internet in 2014. Uncle Larry or a bookie will certainly never give you free bets, huge bonuses or any of the dozen other promotions our betting sites offer.


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